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History of the Hoge Farm
The property of Fiddler's Green is part of a farm originally acquired by J. Hampton Hoge in the early 1900's, and until recently was owned by the heirs of the Hoge and Estes families, long-term Montgomery County names. It covers about 80 acres, of which 30 are set aside for permanent conservation. Villas, duplexes, and custom homes will be built on the remaining 50 acres.

The conservation area is known as the "Hoge Pasture" and was dedicated in 1994 by Katherine Estes Hoge in memory of her husband. A permanent historical marker on the property says that the area "has been preserved for the visual enjoyment of future Blacksburg citizens." The recent addition of The Stable at Hoge Pasture contributes to the enjoyment of the easement by serving as a boarding facility suitable for all equestrian disciplines. Both the stable, pasture, and Fiddler's Green are located adjacent to the Blacksburg Town Golf Course and will be connected by a series of walking trails.

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