Blacksburg, Virginia
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SAS Builders, Inc. Legacy Builders
Class A Contractor
3169 Commerce Street
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
Office Phone: 540-953-2080 ext. 2417
Cell Phone: 540-605-0750
E-mail: info@sasbuilders.com
Website: www.sasbuilders.com
Legacy Builders NRV, Inc
104 Lucas Drive
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
Office Phone: 540-951-2688
E-mail: info@LegacyBuildersNRV.com
Web: www.LegacyBuildersNRV.com
Signature Homes Builders
Class A Contractor, BLD
712 North Main Street, Suite 300
Blacksburg, Virginia 24060
Cell Phone: 540-392-5988
Office Phone: 540-961-1550

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